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Mainstream Living Newsletter: Mainstream Living Employee Newsletter - Sept 2020

Mainstream Living will celebrate DSP Week later this month with activities and gifts to recognize all of our employees. You may not wear capes, but you are superheroes in our eyes and we appreciate all you do for our members and the organization. Be sure to check your email for...
We are now soliciting nominations for our annual awards. There are six categories of awards. Nominations may be submitted by visiting: Scroll to the bottom and click on the award you'd like to use. Nominations are due Friday, September 25.
Carol recently slipped on a magazine and broke her leg. Thankfully Tracie Arkland, was on duty. She remained by Carol’s side in order to keep her still, contacted emergency personnel, and stayed with Carol at the hospital until she went into surgery. Having a familiar face and someone who knew... Read More on Stories of Impact
Mainstream Living is a member of the Polk County Positive Behavior Support Network. Each month, training topics are shared with staff in an effort to better serve our members.

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