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Monthly Service Excellence Winners

Congratulations to our monthly Service Excellence Award winners!  If you know an employee who is deserving of some special recognition, you may nominate them here: 

Julie Vos, nominated by Ben Weiss

Since the onset of the Covid-19 and the partial shutdown of the Des Moines office, Julie has been a constant present while putting her own health at risk to make sure our members and staff are being served . Julie is a friendly face when staff come to the office and is always willing to help with the ever changing issues. She is a wealth of information and is helpful to supervisors and direct care staff in making sure they have access to the services of the office while also acting as a supply chain for important things needed at sites. 

Thamera Bustos, nominated by Robyn Wahling 

Thamera provided training for staff at Baker House during a time that some members needed extra assessment/care due to need for oxygen and monitoring of blood oxygen levels. She was calm and very supportive of the members who were in the process of recovering from significant respiratory congestion. Thamera is always patient and professional in her training of new staff to handle medications and preparation of medications for gtube administration. Thamera is a good leader because she demonstrates excellent levels of professionalism and efficiency while remaining focused on the members. Thamera reflects the integrity, collaboration and respect that make her an outstanding coworker and provider of care. 

Tianna Homan-Arndt, nominated by Robyn Wahling

Tianna communicates with staff and members very well. She is interested in what the members like to do and works to find ways to make the time spent in their home interesting and fun for them, which is not always easy during these last few months. She takes initiative to offer special projects like planting flowers and painting while also encouraging exercise and good heath. Tianna takes members to doctor appointments and encourages and supports them through difficult medical discussions. She is a creative and courageous employee and we are fortunate to have her as part of the team. 

Other nominations received were for Mary Selin and Victoria Sims.  

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