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Celebrating Years of Service

We normally recognize our employee's years of service during a special luncheon, but like much of 2020, things that were once "normal" look a little different.  Mainstream Living is fortunate to have long-term staff who continue to be dedicated to our mission, vision, and values.  While we can't celebrate in person, it's important that we formally thank youo for your commitment to the organization.  

5 Years
Widdowson, Aimee
Nakibuule, Sarah
Simon, Scott
Sleeth, Mary
Smith, Lois
Nelson, Angela
Forbush, Michaelia Rene
Hill Jr, Johnie
Hills, Brandon
Carnahan, Audra
Ssali, Geofrey
Jacobs, Betrenna Lee
Cheng, Wai Ling
Smith, Leona
Fernandez, Michelle Mary
Breeze, Annette J
Grant, Jill Ann
Mace, Julie
Noland, Emily
Ojiambo, Elias Nelson
Hills, Nicole Lynn
Osher, Christopher Blaine
Barker, Joanna Yasuko
Mimnaugh, Steven D.
Beane, Angela Marie
Singleton, Yolanda Nichelle
Selin, Mary Florence
Brown-McCarrell, Ramon
10 Years
Greufe, Andrea
Hageman, Jeffrey
Memic, Refika
Johnson, Barbara
Dorman, Melissa
Mosley, Darle
Bacon, Brenda
Carlson, Kurtis
Dunham, Rebecca
Starrett, Stacey
20 Years
Barnes, Garole Lee
Hetland, Melynda
25 Years
Smith, Kevin
Muffler, Roxanne
30 Years
Willis, Lisa
35 Years
McCalley, Lynda
40 years
Vaughn, William
Brown-McCarrell, Ramon

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