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Employee and Program Changes

There are a number of employee changes happening within the organization.  Please join us in congratulating everyone on new jobs, responsibilities and retirements! 

Julie Vos (Support Services) will soon be retiring.  Further information on a retirement celebration will be announced in the coming days.

Billy Kearney (HCBS) has accepted a Rep Payee position and will move from his long-time role in our enclave program.  

Nathan Harrington (MH) will be promoted as the Mental Health Medical Coordinator. He has worked in all three programs, is knowledgeable, resourceful and very organized.  We are all excited for this change. 

Robbie Venenga (MH) will be transitioning into Nathan's position as SCL Health Coordinator.  She will take his caseload and spend 1-2 days at Fremont providing member education; appointment support, collaboration with physicians, documentation in Therap Medical module, and working with the member's on their self medication goals.

Rachel Stone (HCBS) has accepted the Rehabilitation Coordinator that is being vacated by Robbie. Rachel has worked at the Center for many years. 

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