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St Patricks Day Cooking

St Patrick's Day Parfaits

Ingredient Notes
This St. Patrick’s Day Dessert Parfaits Recipe has a stack of four simple and yummy layers! First the chocolate pudding, then a layer of green pudding followed by Oreo crumbs, and then finished off with whipped topping. To make each layer you’ll need:

Chocolate pudding – For this, you’ll need a box of instant chocolate pudding mix and whole milk - make according to package.
Green Pudding – This layer calls for a box of instant vanilla pudding, heavy cream, and vanilla extract. Then you’ll use food coloring to dye the pudding green. Again, make according to package. 
Oreo Crumb Layer – Crush up Oreo cookies in a zip lock baggie. 
Whipped Topping – Take it easy and grab a container of Cool Whip. 
Decorations/Toppings – Rainbow Airheads Xtremes, chocolate gold coins, sprinkles, Oreo crumbs, Lucky Charms cereal

How To Assemble Pudding Cups
1) Layer the chocolate pudding into each cup. Use a glass or clear plastic cup so you can see the layers. Afterward, layer on the green whipped pudding.
2) Cover the green pudding with a layer of crumbled Oreo cookies. Next, add a layer of whipped topping.
3) Repeat these layers once more. Be sure to end with the whipped topping layer!
4) Garnish with a rainbow airhead that’s arched like a rainbow, a chocolate gold coin, sprinkles, Lucky Charms, more Oreos or whatever you like!


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