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July Safety Tip - Medication Errors

According to the NIH (National Institute for Health) a study conducted on medication errors in Long Term Care settings showed that 8% of medication errors were classified as having a serious patient impact requiring monitoring or intervention for patients. The most common errors include missing a dose, overdose, underdose, providing medication to the wrong patient, or administering the wrong product and/or the wrong strength.  Errors most commonly occurred during medication administration and were attributed to basic human error.

Mainstream Living works to ensure staff are trained in proper medication administration. Employees are asked to remember the Six Rights of Medication Administration: 

  • Right Member
  • Right Time
  • Right Medication
  • Right Dose
  • Right Route
  • Right Method of Documentation

When opening the Medication Administration Record (MAR), follow the 6 Rights and check the medication labels each and every time. By following this process, we can avoid common mistakes that may lead to serious issues.  Accuracy is important in protecting the health and safety of our members. 

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