Mainstream Living

Summer Safety Tips

The Mainstream Living Safety Committee would like to remind staff and members to remain safe during the hot summer months. Below are some tips for staff to keep in mind when out and about in the community with our members. 

- When it is hot and sunny out, be sure to take water for everyone.  Proper hydration is especially important during high temperatures.  Signs of dehydration include dizziness, feeling overly thirsty, dark colored urine, and dry lips. 

- Use sunscreen liberally. Remember to put sunscreen on face, tops of ears and head and tops of bare feet. Sunscreen should be reapplied every two hours and more often when swimming.  

- If you are at a park or near grass/water, consider taking and using bug spray. 

- Be sure members are wearing good walking shoes if you are on trails, biking or walking long distances.

- If grilling, make sure the grill you are using is in good working order.  Keep the grill at least 2 feet away from structures and cook meat thoroughly.  Chicken and turkey are more likely to cause illness if not cooked properly.  

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