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Payroll and Benefits Info

Two week checks for all hourly employees will be starting soon!  

How soon?  Your last monthly check will be July 29 and your first two-week check will be one week later on August 5.  Every other Monday after that will be payday!!  A full hourly payroll schedule can be found by clicking the link. For other answers to important questions, please check your email for a Q&A document. 

Do I need to change anything?  Direct Deposits and Federal and State W-4’s require no change UNLESS you are using more than one bank account or claiming additional funds to come out to federal and state.  IF you contribute to the 403B/Roth you will need to complete a new form with the amount you want to contribute every 2 weeks.  When you complete the forms, please write “Effective 7/14/19” at the top.

Starting July 14, approve your timecard every other week (by noon on the Monday following the end of the pay period).  Any missing hours will be paid 2 weeks later on your next paycheck.

What is the difference between part-time, part-time +, and full-time status?  
Part-time status is 0-29.99 scheduled hours/week.  You do not accrue vacation or sick leave and are not eligible for insurance benefits.
Part-time + status is 30-34.99 scheduled hours/week.  You are eligible for insurance. You DO NOT accrue vacation or sick leave or get paid for holidays.
Full-time status is 35-40 scheduled hours/week.  You are eligible for insurance and will accrue vacation and sick leave. 

Will I accrue vacation and sick leave if I don’t work 35-40 hours/week?  A full-time employee must average at least 35 hours per week or a total of 140 hours in a 4 week pay period and 70 hours in a 2 week pay period.  You will not accrue vacation and sick leave for that pay period if you have not worked enough hours.

When am I eligible for insurance benefits?  You are eligible for insurance benefits the first of the month following 60 days of PT+ or FT status.

How much does Mainstream contribute towards my insurance benefits?  Mainstream pays $616.40/month towards our single plan, $760.00/month towards Employee +1 and $935.00/month towards Family.

What insurance does Mainstream offer?  $20,000 term life, health, dental, vision, Flexible Spending/Dependent Care accounts, Cancer, Long Term Care, Short Term Disability, Accident, Specified Health Event, LegalShield/Identity Theft, 403B/Roth. 
What if I miss the date to sign on to insurance?  Open enrollment starts with the Benefits Fairs and runs through November and December of each year, with the effective date of January 1.  

Who do I contact about insurance benefits and payroll?  Lynda McCalley at 515-232-8405 x404 or

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