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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as this month's Service Excellence Award Winners. Your gift cards will be delivered to your supervisor. Each month, employees are recognized for going "above and beyond" in their service to members.  We encourage staff and managers to nominate a fellow staff member by clicking here

Lynnette Thigpen, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Lynnette was was willing to come into work five hours early on a few hours short notice when a shift needed to be filled, so that the members were properly supported and could attend track and field practice. Lynnette is always willing to come in and help during employee shortages and helps fill open shifts that we have during the month.

Julie Vos, nominated by Danielle Rusch

Julie is the smile that greets you when you walk into the Des Moines office. She knows all of the members and helps them with whatever problems may arise causing them to make a visit. Julie never denies any request of her no matter how small or big or even if it isn't her job.  She also has come up with several ideas on how to fix problems or issues she sees come up in the day to day operations and shares her ideas to help out and makes sure things are taken care of with a positive get-it-done attitude. She helps to make the Des Moines office's atmosphere friendly and happy. 

Andrew Fix-Schmidt, nominated by Betsy DeHaan

Andrew comes to work every day and makes a positive difference in our member's lives. He is patient and kind and understands that each member's needs are different. He is very good at meeting our member's at their level and working with them on their goals and recovery. Most recently, a member did not have his correct medications delivered for the day. The pharmacy could not deliver on the day that he worked so Andrew drove many miles to pick up the medications to make sure that our member did not go without! He is not afraid to go out of his way to make sure that our member's needs are being met and both his teammates and members appreciate him for that!

Patricia Mull-Short, nominated by Betsy DeHaan

Trish has done an excellent job of implementing the Next Wise Choice curriculum into the TAY program. The TAY program is witnessing members using the language and tools that she is teaching in their homes and communities. Trish also has been developing a monthly day-hab calendar that she fills with local activities and events. The members have had had so much fun participating in these activities and are also learning to apply their skills in the community. Many of the activities are volunteer based and help make our communities stronger as well. We have even seen a few members go out and volunteer independently because their confidence has grown so much. 

Sara Sampson, nominated by Jessica Hensch

Sara is always willing to jump in and take the lead on things for the members at the Story City Prairie home. Most recently, Sara took it upon herself to organize and lead "Gifted Karaoke" at the Moose Lodge for members and those who have special needs in the community. She planned and advertised the event in the community and went out of her way to ensure that all people with disabilities felt welcomed and had a great time. 



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