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July Moments of Truth

Amber and Brett, who are siblings, have worked hard over the past few years on waking up and getting to work on time, as well as being safe at home and in the community. Due to their efforts and the support of staff, their respective teams felt comfortable with reducing staff time to several hours each evening, versus having staff during the overnight hours and in the mornings. The transition to hourly services and roommates has been successful. Their parents are happy with the way services are being provided, and both Amber and Brett have been very responsible. Since moving in, no one has missed any days of work due to oversleeping and the house continues to remain in good order. Amber and Brett have been working to support one another as well.  It's been an exciting transition to watch these two siblings become more independent and to utilize their natural supports!

Jenny recently attended a New Kids on the Block concert in Omaha. This has been a longtime dream for her and she had a great time. Her staff person, Augustamae, also enjoyed the evening but for slightly different reasons. She reported that “Jenny had so much fun. The smile from ear to ear never left her face and she couldn't thank me enough or tell me enough about how much fun she had. Making dreams come true and helping check items off of a person's bucket list is exactly why I do this work." Jenny’s enjoyment of the event through Augustamae’s role as a staff member is our vision in action!

Jeanne was nominated for Direct Support Professional of the year and won for the state of Iowa. She was nominated for her work in helping one of our hourly members improve her health, develop better relationships with family and friends and, ultimately, to register for college classes at DMACC. She was honored at the annual ANCOR conference in San Antonio, Texas at the beginning of May. We announced her award in the local papers and she received a letter of congratulations from Representative Steve King. Jeanne was honored by this recognition of her hard work and dedication and said frequently that she was thrilled, and that the award ceremony was one of the best days of her life.

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