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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to this month's Service Excellence Award winners. If you know an employee who has gone above and beyond in servin our members or the organization, please submit a nomination here

Loryn Schouten - Loryn works part time at the Stone Brooke house. During her winter break from ISU, Loryn has picked up extra shifts at the Aspen and 16th St. houses. She is jumping right in and helping out with more difficult shifts, like evenings and weekends, including Christmas day! Loryn is busy outside of work with school and her family, but she is making sure the members have appropriate supervision and support at their homes through the holidays. Loryn's hard work is appreciated, and we are thankful for the initiative she has taken to recognize a staffing problem at other sites that are beyond her usual schedule. 

Kendall Seiler - Kendall is a part time employee at the Stone Brooke house. Kendall also attends ISU. She has chosen to work extra shifts through her winter break to help out with staffing shortages, including working at other sites beyond her usual schedule. Kendall has picked up shifts on the holidays to ensure the members have appropriate supervision and support in their homes. Kendall's flexibility and dedication to the members is greatly appreciated, and we are thankful she has taken the time out of her busy schedule to help when it has been needed!

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