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Monthly Service Excellence Winners

Congratulations to this month's Service Excellece award winners.  Each of these employees listed below was nominated by their supervisor, Serena McCuen for their work with a member who is new to Mainstream Living.  See below for this amazing story and those who have made an impact.  If you would like to nominate an employee for an award, click here


The staff at 74th have been phenomenal throughout the pandemic, but especially in transitioning a new member into the home. Mainstream was made aware of a young lady named Catorina that was in a very dire need of services. Catorina is in her early 30s and has never received services. There is very little that we know about her past, but at the time, she was living with her adoptive mother and was being removed from her care due to extreme hoarding conditions. I (Serena) knew right away that Catorina would be a good fit for the house and that the staff at 74th would step up and provide that much needed care for her... and they have! 

Catorina was removed from her mother's care on July 1st, 2020 and moved into the 74th Street house with nothing but the clothes on her back, a 10 year old can of plums, and one light jacket. She now lives in a home where she has constact access to clean food and water. She has gone from having to bathe in the lake to enjoying a shower a couple times of day (she loves this). She is becoming less insecure about food by helping with meal preparation.  She is more alert and gets along well with all of the staff at the house.  Catorina also now has a team of medical professionals working to get her on the right medications for her psychiatric conditions. 

I could literally go on and on about how happy it makes me feel and her team feel when we see her thriving in her new home!  She has won over all of the staff at that house and myself! Thank you to Bob Baker, Ashley Teply, Sarah Nakibuule, Princess Zoaryan, Princess Andrews, Garole Barnes, Cecilia Quijano, Ardenia Lee, and Deqo Hassan for your compassion and dedication.  

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