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Program Spotlight

The Quality Assurance Team works behind the scenes with each program and administration.  The team is responsible for keeping up with the requirements of our governing bodies and funding sources, as well as ensuring that information is shared as these requirements change.  

One recent highlight of the QA Team is the implementation of Case Notes in Therap for the Mental Health department. Staff worked diligently to research a more efficient and cost effective way to gather and file information about members that is required by our governing bodies and funders.  Using the Case Notes module combined with questionnaires in Therap, a large amount of information  can be recorded without the requirement to print.  This was accomplished by entering Mainstream Living forms into Therap, which can now be ‘joined’ to a member’s records as they are completed.  This gives staff access to more immediate information that will be helpful when working with the members.

There are many responsibilities of the QA department, but each has the same goal.  We strive to provide staff with the information they need in order to provide the highest quality services.  In turn, this should result in members fulfilling their dreams. Here are just a few of the responsibilities: 

  • Monthly checking Medicaid eligibility and working on restoration of benefits if lost
  • Authorization tracking/research - Several members receive authorizations for only a month or two at a time
  • Member Plan Reviews - ensuring they meet governing body requirements
  • Staff Training (Therap, documentation, billing, etc)
  • Documentation Reviews - for content and technical requirements
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