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Missie Chapman

What brought you to Mainstream?
Due to a change in circumstances I needed a work schedule that would allow me to be home nights and weekends. Mainstream was able to offer me that schedule working with our hourly members. 

What is your favorite thing about work? 
The members, by far.  I love visiting with the people we serve when they stop by the office. I also enjoy my Q.A. tasks. Sometimes things can get a bit routine but I know what I do is important to the agency. I also enjoy the ability to be creative within my job duties.

How do you spend your time outside of work? 
I spend a lot of time with my family, especially my daughter Erin and 10 year old step-daughter Carolyn. I enjoy reading, crafting, music and fishing.

What is something that employees may not know about you? 
I make diaper-cakes as a hobby, for friends and for purchase. 

Favorite color: Red.

Favorite food: All the stuff I cant have

Favorite song or music: I have very eclectic taste in music. I like every genre from Patsy Cline to Al Green to Metallica. 

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