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Find the Missing Piece Wrap-up

Thursday, December 6th, we celebrated our ‘Find the Missing Piece’ referral campaign with lunch from Palmer’s Deli and the long-awaited puzzle piece matching game.

For this campaign, employees who referred candidates received a puzzle piece. Each piece's spot in the puzzle was matched up with a mystery prize. On the day of the lunch, puzzle piece holders got to match up pieces to uncover their prizes.

Congrats to our prize winners (Prizes range from $25-$100. Wild Cards include $25 gift cards)

  • Johnie Hill Jr: Lunch Break
  • Ahmed Moalim: Gift Card
  • Lisa Ledford: Gift Card
  • Brenda Beveridge: Shopping Spree, Gift Card
  • Tasha Villa: Gift Card
  • Mary Selin: Gift Card
  • Joanna Nyondweh: Gift Card
  • Brandi Sinklier: Lunch Break
  • Nicole Beardsley: One-hour massage
  • Jessica Sparks: Smart Solutions
  • Cassandra Veglahn: Shopping Spree 
  • Evelyn Hudson: Road Trip
  • Ala Osman: Road Trip
  • Misty Rhodes: One-Hour Massage
  • Sarah Kanneh: Lunch Break
  • Teriona Deeds: Dinner and a Movie
  • Chayna Staudt: Gift Card
  • Geofrey Ssali: Gift Card
  • Audra Carnahan: Gift Card
  • Ntiruvakure Renovat: Dinner and a Movie
  • Allison Thanupakorn: One-Hour massage
  • Jamie Jo Spatz: Shopping Spree
  • Bura Taoh: Sweet Tooth
  • Jeresa Powell: Shopping Spree

Employees referred a total of 28 people to apply to work at Mainstream.  As a result of the campaign, 11 new hires were brought on. Thank you all for helping us grow our great team at Mainstream. We appreciate everyone who participated in our referral campaign, but we also love seeing referrals come in year-round. If you know someone who would be a great addition to the Mainstream Living team, encourage them to apply!

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