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Dee Anna Bradley

What brought you to Mainstream? 
I had taken a break from the field, and was missing the interaction. My friend Missy (who works there) brought it back to my attention and  after having my first interaction with the office and all the kindness, I knew this would be home for me!

What is your favorite thing about work?
Challenges, overcoming obstacles to help improve a person's life. I work in QA, and love the challenges this position brings.  There is a fight to overcome that challenge and move on to the next level, all to help improve, or help a member achieve their dreams!

How do you spend your time outside of work?
I spend all the time I can with my husband and family. Every Sunday evening all the grandchildren take turns cooking for the entire family. 

What is something that employees may not know about you?
I would like to write a book  about my life in hopes to help others out, and to do some inner self-healing.

Favorite color: blue or purple
Favorite food: I love Italian food.  I also love comfort food like potatoes, roast, and chili.
Favorite song or music: All kinds but classical, old school R&B


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