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Stories of Impact

Paul has a very complicated dance routine to learn for his next play audition. Princess, one of his staff, did some online research to learn the dance and has been helping Paul practice every day. It is a difficult dance that is similar to the Tango. We wish Paul lots of luck with his audition! 
Bryan is one of our staff who recently went to another location during his shift to help with a two-person lift because the other site was working short-staffed. Later he told his supervisor that he didn’t mind helping at all. He also shared how welcoming our members were stating, “she went to shake my hand and my hands were cold so she rubbed my hands to make them warm”. The member also offered feedback and thanks by telling him “good help” when he assisted her to bed that evening.
Last month, Missy returned home from Skilled Care where was recovering from injuries sustained in an automobile accident.  She got home just a few days before Christmas with orders to not return to work or activities until her follow-up appointment at the beginning of February.  This created a new daytime shift with no staff to fill it because she lives at a site where everyone is away during the day. Jessica, the site supervisor sent out a request for help with little hope of getting these new shifts filled due to our staff shortage. However, within eight minutes of sending out the request for help, she was able to fill three weeks of daytime shifts with the staff that regularly work at the house and by some administrative staff from the Center. In addition, the medically fragile home invited her to hang out with them during the day because those homes are staffed during that time.
Jace is a new member to Mainstream who is very young and moving away from home for the first time. His move went well and the Team Leader for his site commented that he really appreciated his supervisor, maintenance staff and direct support professionals for all their quality work leading up to the transition day for Jace.  His Team Leader told me “adjusting to life away from mom and dads hasn't been such a snap for him in the weeks following - growing up isn't easy.  Apparently, you have to do things like shop, cook, laundry and all the other things that your mom used to do!”  But on move-in day, Dean says he was very thankful for the excellence exhibited by the folks mentioned above, it all came together in a perfect and nearly effortless, except the furniture carrying, day in which Jace’s nervous parents were able to go home that first night feeling confident, the staff felt positive and Jace was able to feel at home right away. 
Terry works two days a week at Red Lobster and no longer has a job coach.
Edna moved to Mainstream Living for health reasons and was having trouble losing weight and eating right. We worked with her to eat healthier and exercise. She has lost 40 pounds and is no longer using insulin for her diabetes.

Michaela, graduated high school last year and had mostly remained in her apartment, struggling to stay active.  She had a roommate who attended Center so decided she wanted to tour. With the help of her residential staff, she looked at the program and chose to begin attending ACE.  Where previously Michaela struggled with motivation, getting up, and being active, she has now been in the program for several weeks and is arriving on time, showering, and engaging in the program. She has even been talking to a few women about having a girl’s night on the weekends. Michaela has been a great addition to the program.
Lane, who has difficulty interacting with others and has lived in a separate apartment in the basement of a house for 20 years, recently moved to a similar situation in our new house on Stone Brooke. Since the move, he has been upstairs more often to the point where he is eating meals regularly with the rest of the members in the house; spending time socializing, singing, and just plain hanging out with his roommates. 
Bre had a difficult day during a recent ACE outing at the Boys and Girls club.  She said through tears that she was asked about why she is in a wheelchair, why she cannot use her legs, what is wrong with her, etc.  After initially being upset, she independently resolved to teach a class about her disability, or at least do a presentation on this.  Bre is in the planning stages and has a confident outlook.
A fulltime employee at one of our homes has also been working direct support professional hours at another agency for a number of years. At the start of the new year, he left his shifts at Mainstream to be a supervisor at the other agency.  After a week he contacted his former supervisor, Andrew, and asked if he could come back to Mainstream Living.  He said he missed the members at the house where he worked and how we do things here at Mainstream.  His term was rescinded and he will begin full time hours with us again.
Sarah is a member who lived at our home on South Duff. We recently closed that location and she moved into the newly remodeled home on 16th St. Her previous home very dark house with little sun exposure. The newly remodeled house is light and bright with great windows and lots of sunlight. Since moving in Sarah, who used to scream a profanity repeatedly, seems happier and more talkative and has not been screaming.

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