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From the Safety Committee

Winter weather in Iowa is unpredictable and we've already seen several inches of snow and very cold temperatures.  The National Weather Service provides helpful information to assist members, employees and families in staying safe during the winter months. 

Hypothermia can set in if the body temperature falls below 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  The average body temperature is a range between 97 F and 99 F, so you are not that far away from hypothermia. When traveling in the winter, always dress for safety. 

1.  Wear loose fitting layers of lightweight warm clothing. Trapped air between layers will help to insulate you.  If you start to perspire - peel away layers.

2.  Wear a hat to cover your ears.  Have a coat with a hood to wear over the hat when needed. 

3.  Stay dry and out of the wind.

4.  Cover your mouth to protect your lungs from the cold.

5.  Mittens tend to provide more protection than gloves. Mittens should be snug at the wrist. 


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