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Mainstream Living Newsletter: Mainstream Living Employee Newsletter - Feb 2022

With everything going on around us, many are exhausted, stressed, uninspired or even unwell. People often feel guilty or selfish for practicing self care, but taking care of your mind, body, and soul helps you stay happy, healthy, and resilient. Here are a few tips for practicing self-care. Make sleep... Read More on Take Care of Yourself
Winter weather in Iowa is unpredictable and we've already seen several inches of snow and very cold temperatures. The National Weather Service provides helpful information to assist members, employees and families in staying safe during the winter months. Hypothermia can set in if the body temperature falls below 95 degrees... Read More on From the Safety Committee
This is a first in a series providing more information on Mainstream Living's community integration programs. What has four sides, a front door, and lots of fun inside? The Center! Some of you may be asking what is The Center? Located just a bit further down the cul-de sac from... Read More on The More You Know...
Mainstream Living is a member of the Polk County Positive Behavior Support (PBS) Network. Each month, educational information is shared with staff in an effort to better serve our members.

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