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Stories of Impact

Planet Fitness recently opened in North Ames where Nile has lived for the past year and a half. Nile has always enjoyed going to a gym, but has not been doing so for the past two years because the gym he belonged to was too far away from his apartment and the bus service to the location was limited. Now that Planet Fitness has opened near his home, he has independently gotten up early in the morning, walked to gym and participated in a 6am fitness class. In addition to going to the gym, Nile has been asking staff to walk with him outdoors for at least 30 minutes a session when they work.
David recently started at the Center and, upon returning home from his first day, he called his service coordinator to tell him about his day. He was very animated about day services and wanted to immediately add some additional days to his schedule. The service coordinator, shared with Amber, the Director at Center, “I think he was experiencing a lot of excitement. I can honestly say I have never heard this much excitement from a client I have worked with before for their services, so I was happy to hear that David really enjoyed today”.
Steven lives at Del Matro. One evening he was feeling poorly and was taken to the emergency room where he was admitted with an e-coli infection. His sister/guardian sent the following email to Traci, the Program Coordinator for that location.

I just have to let you know that I am very grateful for the staff at Del Matro.  I'm sure you've heard by now that Steve is in the hospital.  Michaelia and the other staff on duty last night were astute enough to let Serena (Team Leader) know there was something wrong with Steve.They are wonderful. Serena is fantastic. She not only took Steve to the ER but stayed with him all night.  I am in Chicago so wasn't able to be with him but Serena kept me updated all night.  I am SO grateful for her!  All of the staff there treat Steve so well. Thank you for your excellent care. 

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