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Stories of Impact

Bob Baker, a long term Mainstream employee, is semi-retired and receiving social security benefits.  He reported that if he received the end-of-the-year enhancement, he would need to cut hours.  Currently, he works a short shift with an hourly member and a shift at 3rd.St. In order to not mess up his benefits, Bob needs to ensure that he does not work over 10 hours per month. Rather than accepting the enhancement and taking time off, he asked that we not give him the enhancement so he could keep working as he knows we are extremely short staffed. What a great example of dedication and integrity!

William B. started a new job last week at a nursing home taking meal orders and delivering them. This is a great accomplishment because he has resisted employment for many years. Additionally, this job will keep him moving and should be good for his self esteem. 

Catorina C. lived with her mom before moving into a Mainstream Living home. Unfortunately, her mom needed to use Cat’s SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits for their living expenses and bills. Therefore, Cat never had any personal spending money, nor did she have the opportunity to buy anything new.  Since moving to 74th St, she has been able to use her benefit money on her personal expenses and have some left over. In fact, she now has extra money. Her most recent purchases were front row tickets to a couple of concerts! 

Chis A. recently moved into 3rd St. He has a brain injury and uses a wheelchair. He is non-verbal and writes to communicate with others. Before moving in with us, Chris fell a couple of times and received a concussion. In addition, his fine motor skills started to decline, making his handwriting challenging to read. After he moved in, he started physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy at On with Life. When he completed his therapies, he was using a gait belt with assistance from staff and keeping his wheelchair close by in case he got tired. His physical therapist instructed him to limit his walking to three times a day, for no longer than 25 feet to give his leg and core muscles a chance to strengthen. Chis is doing great but it is a challenge to get him to stick to his therapist's recommendations as he has a personal goal to walk again. 

Caitlyn W. is a member of both Center and our hourly SCL (Supported Community Living) program and is celebrating the 5th anniversary of her kidney transplant. She has been talking about this anniversary for many months; she is extremely excited and proud of her successful transplant. To help her celebrate the occasion, Caitlyn worked with the Center supervisors to plan a celebration, rightly dubbed “Caitlyn Day” and filled with all of her favorite activities and games such as Minute to Win-It. 

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