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Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday Decorating

  • Inspect both indoor and outdoor lights for broken sockets, frayed wired and loose connections.
  • Don’t overload outlets with too many electrical devices — this could cause a fire.
  • If displaying a live Christmas tree, make sure it has plenty of water and is discarded when dry. 
  • Keep artificial and live trees at least three feet from heat sources. 
  • Make sure electrical cords are out of walkways or taped down to avoid trip hazards. 
  • Do not use indoor lights for outdoor decorating. Make sure plus for outdoor lights remain as dry as possible. 

Holiday Shopping

  • Park in well-lit areas if shopping at night.
  • Do not leave purchased gifts in plain view.  Lock in trunk if possible.  
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. 
  • Check bank and credit card statements more frequently during the holidays to look for suspicious activity. 

Holiday Gatherings

  • COVID and other illnesses generally increase during winter months due to increased gatherings and cold weather keeping people indoors.  Be mindful of large gatherings, especially with those who are unvaccinated.  The CDC recommends mask wearing when in public or at gatherings with people outside your household.  
  • Wash hands and surfaces frequently.  Use hand sanitizer regularly.  
  • Avoid sharing glasses and utensils. 
  • Stay home and avoid others if you have symptoms.  


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