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Welcome New Employees!

With many of our office and supervisory staff working from home, we wanted to make sure to introduce you to some new faces. 

Chelsea Adams (RCF-PMI Program Administrator) - Chelsea has her Bachelor's Degree in Human Services from Grandview and is currently working on her Masters in Mental Health Counseling from Grandview. She has a four year old son named Gabriel and enjoys finding anything they can do outside with their dog Ozzy.  She particularly lovedsexploring different state parks.

Jaffet Fernandez Rodriguez (ATL for Robin Brown) - Jaffet enjoys game fishing and is really into fitness and nutrition. He enjoys reading newly published and peer reviewed scientific articles.  

Heather Held (ATL for Erica Voll) - Heather considers herself a crazy cat lady because she rescues cats, rehabilitates them if needed, then finds a loving home for them.  She currently has five cats at home and six strays that she feeds outside.  She likes going to car shows and helping her family rebuild old hotrods. She also enjoys being outside and participating in activities such as softball, BMX riding and gardening. 

Tim Humlicek (maintenance) - Tim lives with his wife and cat in Ames.  He has a daughter in the St. Louis area.  Tim has many years of experience in construction and maintenance. He will be based in Ames but you will see him throughout the mainstream properties. Tim enjoys shooting billiards and can converse for hours on pretty much any subject.   

Katie Eastridge (ATL for Serena McCuen) - Katie was  married on 11.15.2020 so is now known as Katie Akers. My amazing husband (Seth) and I recently purchased a house in Collins and happily reside there with two pets, one dog (Nova Grace) and one cat (Lily). She has been in the healthcare industry for the past four years and is excited to meet members and grow within the agency.

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