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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to this month's Service Excellence Award winners.  If you know someone who has gone above and beyond in serving members or contributing to the organization, please complete a nomination form by clicking here

Darle Mosley, nominated by Courtney Llanes (family member) - Darle is an exceptional staff member. He works very closely with my brother Traister, and I feel that I can truly trust him to help guide Traister to make good choice. I feel as if Darle takes a more personal approach and actually gets to know the team members in the home, and their individual needs. He always communicates very well with me, and you can honestly just tell from his attitude and demeanor that he truly cares about his job and the team members living in the home.

Owen Bell, nominated by Courtney Llanes (family member) - Owen is an exceptional staff member. I believe that his passion for his work is what makes him stand out. He genuinely cares for the team members in the home. Owen works closely with my brother Traister, and has always taken that extra step to learn how to best meet his needs. His overall attitude is always kind and friendly and he is one person that I am grateful to have on the team in which I trust to watch over Traister.

Laura Peterson, nominated by Angie Beane - Laura has been working with a young man who has been isolating and this has increased since COVID. She has been working directly with this member to help him find unique activities in the community that he can engage in and even find some potential hobbies (outside of video gaming). She has taken him to drive around and take photos of unqiue landscape and sculptures so he can explore photography. He's developed a new found passion for photography since they've started this. They also found a weekly outdoor jazz concert that he really enjoys attending. This has helped bring some hope and excitement for this member especially with everything going on in todays world. Since another member moved in she has started working with him on community activities. He is also very interested and engaged in attending these outings. 


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