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Transition Age Youth (TAY)

The TAY Program is designed to provide young adults (ages 17-25) guidance as they embark on their journey to recovery, while assisting them in developing skills to live independently. Our staff provide education and support in areas that promote physical and environmental health (taking care of home and self). This may include money management, personal boundaries, problem solving, decision making, independent living skill development, health and nutrition and medical health. 

Members work to develop their mental health management skills and learn about recovery. Members are expected to work on learning coping skills, managing their appointments, understanding medications and how to seek help if/when they need it.  Mainstream Living is using the Next Wise Choice (NWC) program curriculum for Day Habilitation. Member participation in Day Habilitation is required as part of the program of care. Day Habilitation provides instruction that is then implemented in members’ daily routines in the home and in the community.  

Below are quotes from members and/or guardians on the TAY program's impact. 
Daniel: "The program gave me a second chance.
David: "Staff helped me stay off of the streets, learn skills that I need to live on my own. I now live in an apartment of my own."

Jack: "Staff has helped me with my anger. I have learned that there are people out there that actually care. Staff is there to listen and they do really care for us. I feel like I could not have gotten my job and kept it without the support from staff. I have learned how to make friends!"

William: "Staff has helped me with doing the things that are really tough for me to do on my own. Getting up in the morning, getting and keeping a job. Sometimes I feel like I want to quit but they remind me how important a job is and how it helps me. I know that I have kept my job because I have also learned how to control my anger better."

Travis: "The program has helped me with learning about and taking my medications. I have learned how to cook and ride the bus. Staff has taught me how to socialize with others and in a good way."

Ben: "Staff worked with me to get a therapy pet to help me with managing my mental health symptoms. I have learned the names and what my medications by sight. I am going to learn about my dosages next. I have learned how getting up and taking a shower and making my bed can make me feel refreshed."

MS (parent): "Joe moved into one of the Mainstream group homes at the beginning of June 2018, and he is now transitioning to his own apartment this week. We are preparing him to live alone for the very first time in his life, so this is a HUGE, very positive and hopeful adjustment for all of us.  We are so excited and happy for him! We were scared at first, but now we think he is actually READY to do this! The Mainstream staff is facilitating all of the transition goals and helping him and us to get ready. Angie has been so sensitive to our/his needs, questions, fears, etc. I can’t say enough wonderful things. Joe's house staff, especially Peter/Owen/Ramon have made such an impact on him. We are so hopeful now that he will be taking this giant move toward independence. He still has a lot of things to learn about life, but he’s off to a good start, thanks to Mainstream."

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