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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to this month's Service Excellence Winners!  If you know someone who has gone above and beyond in serving our members, please click here to nominate. 

David Hurkman, nominated by Rebecca Dunham

Dave is very committed to his work at Mainstream. His very creative and helps to organize special events and activities for members, including WWE nights, meet and greets with ISU players, and more. He assisted a member not only with setting up a toy train set but also making small buildings, a tunnel, and more to go with the set. He does the little but important jobs of making sure we have enough gloves, med cups, etc., and has taken on the added responsibility every week of helping members at Clark get checks and cash them for their spending money. He often brings in stacks of magazines for a member who enjoys them and donates other items to the house and members. 

Tammy Bartmess, nominated by Shari Randol

As our supplies have run low with the coronavirus, Tammy has provided "the team" with masks, gloves, wipes, and sanitizer that she has made or purchases herself. She has shown much kindness at a difficult time.

Mary Zimmerman, nominated by Eric Peterson

Mary AKA Lizzy has showed how amazing she is with our members. She is always positive and works hard to keep them involved. She brings items from home to keep them growing and focused on activities other than watching TV. The members are constantly showing off the projects that they did with her and just glow with pride. The members show her so much respect because she shows them how much she cares about them.

Sara Sampson, nominated by Tori Mathis

While under quarantine, Sara has gone above and beyond to ensure each member has had something to do each day. Whether it is planting flowers, feeding the birds/squirrels, making funnel cakes or playing outside, the members are as busy as possible during these uncertain times. Sara has also been extremely supportive and understanding with the members who haven't taken staying home every day as easy as others. One member in particular has had a really hard time adjusting to her new schedule. Sara has been ensuring all of this members needs have been met as much as possible by going on Walmart runs to get the members' favorite things (crosswords, diet pepsi, and snickers)!





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