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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as this month's Service Excellence Award Winners. Your gift cards will be delivered to your supervisor. Each month, employees are recognized for going "above and beyond" in their service to members.  We encourage staff and managers to nominate a fellow staff member by visiting: 

Andrea Hernandez, nominated by Amber Schaefer

The Center dayhab program recently closed a program, which resulted in discharging members and letting go of five team members.  Andrea Hernandez, Assistant Team Lead at the Center, has worked diligently with the team to re-organize the space previously used, helped members who were in the sensory program adjust to new programming and help the team move forward. Andrea has worked hard to make sure member needs are met and adjusted schedules and ratios to ensure members are able to access the community, meeting state and federal regulatory standards.This is a lot to coordinate as approximately 60 members come to the building each day! 

Sarah Cornelis, nominated by Michelle Fernandez

Sarah is a hardworking employee with a positive attitude. She always puts members first and makes an effort to give them each one-on-one time. She enjoys activities with them such as reading, cooking, and going for walks. Sarah also does a lot of cooking, cleaning, and grocery shopping each week. She is a team player and always willing to help her co-workers. Sarah is a great asset to the Aspen house and we appreciate everything she does.

Jessica Anderson, nominated by Jennifer Huebner

It was a hectic day as we were without staff at the front desk.  There were multiple meetings scheduled in conference  rooms, constant phone calls, and new employees and guardians arriving at the office.  With all of the chaos, I went to the bullpen and asked for help.  Without any hesitation, Jessica Anderson popped out of her seat. Jess came to front desk, talked with the guardian waiting, counseled the employee in  a separate room, and came back to front desk area, and checked in with me to see if she could help anyone. She then told me to ring her at her desk if I needed any more help. She saved the day!

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