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Safety Tips - Medication Errors

One of the things that the Safety Committee does each month is to track and evaluate Medication Errors that occur throughout the organizations.  The following is a brief reminder to those of you that have been entrusted to administer medications to our members.

  • Always compare the MAR (Medication Administration Record) with the label on the medication that comes from pharmacy.  If it is a new order and your first time administering it, also compare it to the original provider's order.  
  • Be sure the information is correct prior to administering the medication. 

Accuracy is essential to safe medication administration.  Whether you are using a paper version or an electronic version, the MAR must be open in front of you so you can compare it to each label.  This allows you to check the 6 Rights each and every time which will significantly decreasing medication errors.  NEVER administer medications blindly or directly from the supply only.  Check the label three times against the MAR.  Safety first for this very important part of your job!

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