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Monthly Service Excellence Awards

Congratulations to this month's Service Excellence Award winners. If you would like to nominate someone who has gone above and beyond in serving our members or the organization, please click here. 

Charity Perez, nominated by Betsy DeHaan and Angie Beane

Charity wanted to make sure that the members had the opportunity to embrace in the holiday season. With no budget, Charity and the members made homemade ornaments for their Christmas tree and then they made other decorations for the house. Their home looked inviting and warm and ready for great holiday celebrations. 

Jacob Sampson, nominated by Evelyn Hudson

Jacob is always stepping up when the site needs a shift covered due to illness or scheduling issues. Jacob is the main person to cover vacations, open shifts and sick shifts. He is a great team member who works hard and is great with our members as well, including painting one member's fingernails every Friday which always makes her day!

Tim Humlicek, nominated by Lola Davis

Tim came to the Top-O-Hollow house with a very long to-do list that included repairing holes in drywall, fixing water pipes, adding a kitchen sink, scraping paint, mudding walls, and painting just to name a few. Tim is a real pleasure to have come by and do repairs. Each time he has come to the site, he has not only does his job well, and he ALWAYS cleans up after himself! That is a blessing to the staff at the site.
Each time he stops by to fill a maintenance request, he always asks if there is anything else he can do while he is there and if he notices something simple like a blown light bulb or a loose handle, he just fixes it instead of ignoring it. Tim interacts very well with the members, telling them jokes and carrying on conversations with them while they "supervise" his work. 

Kevin Smith, nominated by Betsy DeHaan

We had a member that moved in several months ago who has had a difficult time adjusting and has been diligent in expressing his concerns regarding the accessibility of the WIFI. Kevin was so understanding of the member's concerns and spent a significant amount of time to identify the the barrier. When one proposed solution wasn't effective, he'd come up with another until the issue was resolved. I really appreciated patience and support he gave to the member and our team. 

Michelle Fernandez, nominated by Ed Biebel

Michelle is normally assigned at Aspen house in Ames, but has been working during a staffing shortage at Knapp house. Michelle is a consummate professional and did a great job helping out the team at Knapp during a difficult time of staffing shortages. Both members and co-workers have great respect for her detail and compassionate care for members.



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