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Mission Maker Awards

Congratulations to our quarterly Mission Maker Award winners!  Winners were selected from the prior quarter's monthly Service Excellence award nominations.  Our winners have demonstrated impact, innovation, leadership, and/or significance in serving our members and the organizations.  

Darle Mosley, nominated by Courtney Lanes for his work with her brother Traister who is served in our mental health program.

Laura Peterson, nominated by Betsy and Angie for her help with a member who was particular isolated during the pandemic. 

Thamera Bustos, nominated by Robyn for her excellent training provided to Baker staff.  

Tim Humicek, nominated by Lola Davis for his attention to detail, efficent work, and friendliness to members while on the job  

Kevin Smith, nominated by Betsy for his dilligence in solving a member's connectivity and technology issues. 

Michelle Fernandez, nominated by Ed Biebel for providing superior and much needed coverage for Knapp House.  


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