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Executive Management Team (EMT) - Spotlight

The Executive Management Team (EMT) is responsible for leading the daily operations of Mainstream Living in order to ensure quality services are delivered to each member throughout all programs.  Bill Vaughn, President and CEO leads the EMT which includes Jon Zellweger, Chief Operating Officer, LuAnn Wingfield, Vice President of Mental Health, Kris Eastman, Vice President of Waiver Services, and Stuart Ambrose, Chief Financial Officer.  Bill also oversees communications and development activities led by Amber Corrieri, Director of Communications as well as information management led by Kevin Smith.

Each member of EMT is responsible for leading their respective department(s) while fulfilling the mission, vision, and values of the organization.  Jon Zellweger, COO leads Support Services which includes corporate compliance, benefits, property management, and human resources. Stuart Ambrose, CFO oversees financial services, including representative payee supports.  

As it relates to programming, Lu Wingfield leads the agency’s mental health services which includes the department’s program, nursing, and quality assurance staff.  Kris Eastman’s role as VP of Waiver Services includes all residential services, but also the variety of day-habilitation services that are offered in Ames. Mainstream Living’s medically fragile program also falls under Kris’ purview.  

The longevity of the EMT is impressive, with a combined 100+ years with the organization.  Together, with the Board of Directors, they create the strategic plan, which guides our efforts to continually maintain our role as the agency of choice for member services and the premier human service employer.  

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