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Lu Wingfield

What brought you to Mainstream?

I was a Social Work student at Iowa State looking for part time work to pay my way through school.

What is your favorite thing about work?

The work environment.  I feel like people want to do the right thing for the member and support one another.  We try not to take ourselves too  seriously so we are able to have fun and laugh.

How do I spend my time outside of work?

I'm a homebody, my husband and I enjoy watching movies and Netflix series.  I enjoy working out and love to bike ride.

What is something employees may not know about you:  

I'm addicted to  Candy Crush and all sorts of word games.

Favorite Color: I don't really have a favorite color.
Favorite Food: Chocolate!
Favorite Music: Love the 80's; U2, The Cure, AC/DC
Dream Vacation: Any beach on the ocean with a great book.

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