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Monthly Service Excellence Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals for being recognized as this month's Service Excellence Award Winners. Your gift cards will be delivered to your supervisor. Each month, employees are recognized for going "above and beyond" in their service to members.  We encourage staff and managers to nominate a fellow staff member here.

Gilbert Sambaleyegula, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Whenever we are short staffed, Gilbert has been there to pick up the slack. Recently co-workers have had to take time off work for personal reasons or emergencies. Gilbert has worked multiple weekends and back to back shifts. He not only does this for his regular homes, but for the entire organization. Gilbert took the initiative to assist certain members in learning how to deep clean the bathroom as they had been struggling to keep the toilet sanitary. Gilbert’s guidance has helped reach goals and develop healthy relationships.

Mary Selin, nominated by Lu Wingfield and Dawn Larson

Due to the sale of an apartment complex, members needed to find a safe, stable and affordable place to live. Mary took the initiative to identify apartments that would fit the needs of each individual. Because of Mary’s work, application fees were waived and payment plans were setup for the initial deposit. Mary’s work has helped these members transition smoothly and save them money in the process.

Dawn Larson, nominated by Nicholas Zubulake

Dawn recently created support groups for members to attend weekly. These groups discuss goals and build relationships with their peers. This demonstrates Mainstream Living's values and support for the mental health community. Dawn has also created help line cards for members to use during times of crisis. Dawn continues to work with individuals promoting independence and empowerment. 

Randi McGregor, nominated by Dawn Larson

When a member was feeling suicidal, Randi was there to support them. Randi worked with this individual through their crisis. Randi continues to work closely with members to improve their mental health and quality of life.

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