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Quarterly Mission Maker Awards Announced

Congratulations to the following employees who have been selected for Mainstream Living's Quarterly Mission Maker Award. We inadvertently missed last quarter, so are awarding Q3 and Q4 of 2017.  Each of our Mission Maker recipients have shown a great deal of passion for serving and we thank them for their dedication to the organization. 

Cassandra DeNeui, nominated by Jessie Elmore

Cassie is an outstanding DSP that works with compassion and understanding. I knew she was a perfect fit for Onyx from the first few shifts she worked. She puts the members’ needs first and seems to always come to work with the big picture in mind. I mentioned how one of our members LOVED fresh fruit when I brought it in and suggested we could use more fresh vegetables and fruits in our meal planning. I walked into Onyx on my next shift and Cassie was chopping fresh vegetables she had purchased to prepare for evening meal. Not only did Cassie take the time to shop for extra groceries, but she was ensuring members were eating healthy at all times.

Owen Bell, nominated by R. McCarrell

Owen has provided excellent support to members in crisis situations. Anytime a member would want to harm themselves, Owen would talk to them and try to help them find other ways for them cope with the problem. Owen also encourages the members to respect each other and create a safe living environment.

Stacey Starrett, nominated by Connie Mortvedt

Stacey took the time twice on a weekend to visit a member while he was hospitalized. While visiting the member in the hospital she assisted with his cares, helped him to walk and visited extensively with the guardian, who truly appreciated Stacey’s attention to the members’ well-being. After the hospital stay, Stacey continued to check in on the health status of the member once he returned to his home. Stacey has worked in our support services division for the past two years but continues to maintain contact with the members she previously worked with. Stacey truly cares about the members served in our agency and we appreciate her!

Markie Spykerman, nominated by Mindy Hetland

Markie contacted a local school and arranged for a members to preview the school play. The members had a great time, got to meet the cast and received signed posters. After the play the members had lunch with the cast. One member was so excited it brought them to tears. Markie has done an excellent job integrating members into the community and bringing fresh activities to the program.

Nichole Boyd, nominated by Betsy DeHaan

Nichole does a great job of looking at all the needs of a member. Nichole has been able to work closely with members and have them open up about their challenges. This has allowed Nichole to find areas where more independent members might be struggling but don’t inform staff.  Nichole’s work has been instrumental in helping all staff work on member goals.

Robyn Wahling, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Robyn has taken initiative to handle some difficult issues that have arisen at the Glenstone location. She has been the main contact for the pest control issue throughout the past few months, updating the team with news, treatments, needs, and taking care of anything related to the issue. She has done this without complaint but instead a positive attitude to help resolve the problem the best way possible. Also, when a member has had an issue with another individual with disabilities who wants to be his "girlfriend," Robyn has taken the initiative to talk with the individual, arrange calling schedules, alert supervisor in order to get clarification from guardians on what the preferred protocol should be for this client and dating.

Carol Waddle, nominated by Jenni Stephenson

Carol has worked closely with a member who has been having anger issues. Carol has taken the time to get to know the member and assisted him in managing his anger. Carol has done this by listening to his needs, encouraging him to talk to staff and letting him know he is in control of his life. Since starting this member says he is happier and can communicate better with his peers.

Tara Ross, nominated by Michelle Hillman

Tara goes above and beyond getting members involved in different activities. This summer Tara and the people she serves attended the Italian Festival, Des Moines Farmer's Market, Urbandale's 4th of July and the Ankeny Summer Fun Days. All of these were fun and cheap activities. Tara and her members love going to garage sales and watching DVD’s. Tara always puts the members first and is an excellent mentor.

Betsy Richards, nominated by Margaret Petosa 

Betsy has been helping a member with weight and mobility problems. Betsy created a goal chart, meal plans and helped purchase a recumbent bike. This member has started losing weight and gaining mobility. Betsy encourages her to ride five times a week.  Keep up the good work!

Fred Marrow, nominated by Jade Hols

Fred is always there when his co-workers need help. Fred has covered numerous shifts and does it with a positive attitude. Fred is a role model to everyone he works with.

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