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HCBS - Home and Community Based Services

“When we started services for one member this spring, her mom was very clear that her expectations were high for Mainstream Living. Her mother was unsure if she could trust anyone to give her the services they were looking for. They specifically requested a stable staff person who would "be around" for her. Fortunately we were able to hire a young woman who applied to the organization because she has a friend who works here. This staff has gone out of her way to adjust her schedule to do special things with her and is constantly coming up with new activities to do while they are together. Because of their great relationship, the member’s mother has started to trust Mainstream. At her annual goal planning meeting last week, her mother reported that she is thrilled to have the new staff member working with her daughter. She sounded grateful and satisfied. She told us that we are doing a good job and developing a strong bond of trust.”

This is a common story you may hear about someone getting services through our Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) Program. What started in Ames over 40 years ago as a few families coming together to coordinate care for their children has now expanded to an extensive program serving three counties, with around 400 staff members providing services to close to 200 members.  

The main function of the HCBS Program is to help adults with intellectual disabilities live independently within the community. We serve a great diversity of members that include those who are non-verbal and have limited range of motion, to people who own their own homes, have driver’s licenses, and work full-time jobs.  Regardless of someone’s abilities, the goal of this program has always been to connect members to resources, help them achieve greater levels of independence, and become active and valued members of the community.  This looks different for every person we serve, but the commitment remains the same.

Kris Eastman, Vice President of Waiver Services, leads the program, supervising several Program Coordinators, who in turn oversee each of the Team Leaders who manage daily functions of the house.  Team Leaders work in conjunction with Assistant Team Leaders to assure that Direct Support Professionals have the guidance and resources they need to serve members.   

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