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Let Your Voice Be Heard

Individuals with disabilities and those that serve and advocate for them are an important group when it comes to politics and legislative priorities.  The Iowa Legislature is in session and will be discussing and considering a number of topics that may impact Mainstream Living and those we serve.  Governor Kim Reynolds and a number of lawmakers of both parties have made a number of public statements regarding the need to address issues with managed care. There are also bills being proposed by outside organizations that may impact individuals with mental illness.  The Iowa Legislature website publishes daily the schedule of both the House and Senate.  You can also read bills that are being proposed.  We encourage each of our employees to be aware of things being discussed at the Statehouse.  You have a right as a citizen to share your thoughts with lawmakers.  If you are unsure how to contact your legislator, you can click here and enter your address.  You will then be provided with contact information.  

One other opportunity available for those wanting to participate in the political process is the Iowa Caucuses which will be held on Monday, February 5th.  A caucus is a gathering of fellow party members to discuss their presidential preferences, elect local party leadership and discuss issues that make up the party’s platform. Both Democratic and Republican caucuses will be held that evening and you must be a registered member of the party to participate (you may register on site).  The Democratic caucus in 2018 will be primarily focused on the race for Governor, while those attending the Republican caucus will spend their time discussing party platforms.  For more information on where to caucus, please see the Iowa Democratic Party or Iowa Republican Party websites.  

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