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Employee Spotlight - Randi McGregor

What brought you to Mainstream? 

I came to mainstream because I wanted to work with adults. I have experience with kids and their mental illnesses, but I wanted to know what the next stage would be for those kids. I wanted to learn more about what Des Moines has to offer for those with mental illness.

What is your favorite thing about work? 

My favorite thing about work is helping others. There are times where I get frustrated thinking about all of the people that have shut them out or written them off simply because it is frustrating. I want to change people's opinion of mental illness.            

How do you spend time outside of work? 

My time outside of work is with my son or at the gym or coaching my soccer teams. Love being active!

Favorite Color: blue
Favorite Food:  my dads lasagna and lemon dessert; I also love Velveeta - I just love food in general!
Favorite Music: R&B, hip-hop

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