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Stories of Impact

Laura lives at one of our medically fragile sites. Recently we received a thank you note from her parents that read:

“Dear Bill and all the MSL staff, 

Brian and I want to thank you for all the terrific services and help we receive with MSL. I recently had a talk with an Ohio mom saying her daughter has been on a wait list for 13 years for funding! I was sad, humbled and feeling immensely blessed all at the same time. With that, I again say thank you for caring so well for Laura, and all the other clients.

Much appreciation, Susie and Brian K. What you do, each of you, MATTERS!"

Kate got her driver's permit. She was tenacious in that she studied and continued studying and taking the test for at least six years. But her perseverance paid off this fall because she only missed two questions on her last attempt and now has her learner’s permit.

Holley moved to Onxy on November 5th. The basement of Onyx was renovated into an apartment, complete with kitchen and dining room. Even though Holley must enter the Onyx home through the main entrance door, her apartment is separated from the rest of the home. She has her own bedroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room and even a spare room in which she has set up a train set. Holley is fond of trains and decorated her new apartment in lots of train decor. If you ask Holley about her new apartment, she will exclaim "I love it here!" 

Terry is working at Red Lobster rolling silverware and dusting. He is now doing this on his own without a job coach and has also learned how to clock in and out independently.

Tom is working at a new job at The Café in Ames. He works 28 hours a week and is learning how to get to his job on Cy-Ride.

Bre has a goal to meet new people and found a trivia event in Des Moines that she wanted to attend. Her and her staff attended together and Bre found a table and nervously asked the people sitting there if she and staff could join them.  They said yes, and Bre has a great time playing trivia and engaging in small talk throughout the evening. 

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