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Monthly Service Excellence Winners

Each month, Mainstream Living recognizes employees who have gone above and beyond their normal duties to help improve the lives of those we serve.  If you are interested in nominating a fellow employee, please click here.  Congratulations to this month's award winners. 

Jenna Peterson, nominated by Amber Corrieri

Jenna was a great asset to this year's Cycle Games event. Leading up to the event, she was always ready to volunteer stuffing bags, organizing t-shirts, or filling coolers. She spent Friday afternoon after work helping me load up supplies and driving them to Time Out so they were ready for Saturday. She agreed to be at the office early on Saturday morning to greet and coordinate all of the volunteers so that I could be at the start of the event checking in riders. She then volunteered all day at the event, staying late to help clean up, even helping me transport all of the supplies back to the office. The event would not have been a success without any of the volunteers, but Jenna definitely went the extra mile!

Prince Duru, nominated by Michelle Strutzenberg

Prince was working at Glenstone and saw one of our members from another site who has a tendency to wander and get lost for days on end. Prince decided to pick him up and take him home, ensuring his safety, even while working with other members. He could have let us know where to find him and either staff or myself would have gone to get him. Instead, he took the initiative to do this himself, for a site he has only worked for a few times. I found this to be above and beyond for one of members to ensure his safety.

Jimmy Clark, nominated by Sherri Randol

Jimmy helped me all weekend with a member that could not get himself out of bed and was pleasant every time I needed help. There was another member who was very down on the weekend with nothing do to. Jimmy noticed this and invited him to Italian Festival. The member didn't have very much money and Jimmy paid for his food and drink. On Sunday Jimmy took him bowling and the member was very happy and thankful for both outings, improving his mood. 

Vanette Taylor, nominated by Karen Van New Kirk

I admire Vanette because she always brings positivity to the work place.  Recently, Vanette spent alot of time working with a Fremont resident who was diagnosed with cancer and had to have surgery. Vanette was with her through this, helped the member to cope with what was happening, and provided constant encouragement. She was able to calm the member's fears and worked with the member in taking small steps in her recovery. The member is doing well thanks to Vanette's support.  

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