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Focus on Wellness

Regina previously lived at a nursing home after hip surgery. While at the nursing home she gained over 100 pounds making exercising uncomfortable. Since moving into her new home in May of 2015, it has been a challenge to inspire Regina to get moving again.  And many attempts to motivate often ended in tears and withdrawal. Over the past two years, she lost a little weight.  Regina has also gained additional mobility and no longer needs to use a walker.   Recently a new staff at her home was able to make a strong connection with Regina, helping her to purchase a recumbent bike and motivating her to ride five days a week!  Betsy made Regina a goal chart and she is doing a great job at meeting small objectives along the way to her final goal!

Justin, an hourly member, has a passion for gaming.  Unfortunately, this has taken a toll on his wellness as his inactivity has led to significant weight gain.   With some encouragement from his team, he set up a goal for walking and completing some kind of exercise at least once per week to start. With his staff, he travels to different parks in the Ames and Des Moines areas.  Justin's staff, Aaron has encouraged him to get into shape and helped him purchase a pedometer to track his steps and miles.  When they are together, Justin and Aaron usually walk for over an hour.  
Diana, who normally likes to be inside, has been going out more. Yesterday she went to the state fair with her family and walked throughout the whole day. She's been doing a great job of making healthy choices, like choosing tilapia instead of fried food and going for walks on her own.
Morris, who is 74 years old, loves to exercise. He shunned the fancy exercise bikes that were at his home, but when someone dropped off an old fashioned, inexpensive exercise bike a couple years ago he was hooked. He typically rides his old exercise bike for a couple hours each day and also takes daily walks, which he has done for years.  Though Morris is the oldest, he is the healthiest of his housemates according to their medical labs. Lately he is working on trying to lose a few pounds, reporting his weight loss efforts and successes to staff.

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