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Next Wise Choice

The Supervised Living Apartments (SLA) Program, located in Des Moines, serves adults who are diagnosed with a psychiatric disability. The emphasis of the program is recovery and self-direction while providing services that enhance long-term successful functioning in a community setting.  Services are individually tailored through the inter-disciplanary team process.  

“Next Wise Choice” is one of the many services offered in the SLA program.  Next Wise Choice is a treatment approach that begins with individual member assessments to determine current status, followed by a six month interval progress review.  Utilizing the assessment, individual goals are established in the member Individualized Personal Plan (IPP). 

As members participate, the process is separated into three distinct areas: patterns, principles and life skills.  Classes are then offered in each of the three areas, while introducing eight principles necessary in making wise choices. Community-based activities are provided in order to offer members the opportunity to apply concepts learned and ultimately modify behaviors to enhance the decision-making process.

Here are two examples of the program in action: 

Jeannie began attending groups with little belief that her life would change. She had no intention of ever working, fought participation in a walking group as she was overweight, which added to her depression. She struggled with self-harm and barely got out of bed. After a year attending groups, she lost 75 pounds, hasn't self-harmed in over a year and is now working - even receiving an award for her work ethic. Living independently for the last two months on her own has been the crowning reward to her hard work.

Lisa left an abusive relationship and entered the program where she's learning to maintain her housing, stay sober and assert boundaries, all things she struggled with in the past. With a new belief in herself, Lisa is learning to use new tools to help through difficult situations. Her husband no longer drinks around her and she is working to lead by example.  She recently lost a friend who died in a car accident and her son escaped custody. This would have previously thrown Lisa back into using, but instead she is changing the way she thinks to navigate these tough times. She hopes to be in her own place and maintain her sobriety. She believes the best of her life is yet to come.

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