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Stories of Impact

Bill has been a member at our 9th St. home for many years. Bill is monitored during dinner to as he will occasionally try to eat too quickly. On August 29th, in spite of these safety precautions, he started choking at dinner. Staff responded immediately, calling for an ambulance while one staff member, Elias cleared the airway and performed the Heimlilch.  When the paramedics arrived, they noted that the quick actions and the calm response by Elias saved Bill’s life. He received medical care and stayed in the hospital about 10 days in a medical induced coma. He is now home, on a pureed diet, but doing really well.

Tony is a huge fan of KCCI and Kevin Cooney. At the beginning of August, he mentioned to his staff, Paul, that it was his dream to meet Kevin Cooney and that he was the sole reason that he watches KCCI. Paul contacted the television station and was able to arrange a lunch meeting between Mr. Cooney and Tony. They met at the Drake Diner and had a great lunch. 

Brian, one of our members who receives hourly services has had a difficult time keeping his apartment clean and clutter free. Approximately three years ago, he got a new staff named Kelly who began working with him each weekday. Through her consistent work with Brian, he has learned to cook and is keeping his apartment clean and neat. Brian also works full time during the day and works with his staff each weekday evening, which afforded him little opportunity to socialize. Since he was been so successful with his apartment goals, he is ready to move on and has a new goal for getting into the community and making some new friends.

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