Mainstream Living

RCF-PMI (Fremont)

Mainstream Living’s Fremont location is a licensed “Residential Care Facility for Persons With Mental Illness” (RCF-PMI).   The facility is licensed by the Department of Inspections and Appeals for 11 beds and provides a higher level of service than most Mainstream sites within the mental health department.  Members that reside at Fremont are adults that have a chronic mental illness.  The program is overseen by Mary Fuller who supervises a staff of Certified Medication Aides (a state requirement).  Also onsite is a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner and a Registered Nurse who visits weekly.  Staff at Fremont assist members with meals, medications, supervision, transportation and day to day problem solving skills.

All members have Integrated Health Home (IHH) workers and a Multidisciplinary Team that creates goals and identifies strengths and weaknesses for each member.  From this information, a treatment plan is initiated to help each member strive for a less restrictive environment and transition assistance.

One of Fremont’s greatest challenges is to find a balance between making Fremont a comfortable home while complying with rules and expectations.  Fremont is successful in creating a home-like atmosphere with efforts such as, meals for special occasions, celebrating holidays and birthdays, decorating the house, giving members choices when possible, offering community integration opportunities, and creating a safe and therapeutic environment.  Members consider Fremont their home.  For staff it is a pleasure to be able to be in their home and make a difference each and every day.

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