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November Service Excellence Winners

Congratulations to this month's winners!  Your gift card will be delivered to the offices or through your supervisor. 

Carol Waddle - nominated by Jenni Stephenson

Staff has struggled with a member who often feels as though he is not heard and gets angry and refuses to listen to anyone. When Carol started working at Westchester this member seemed to have less outbursts towards staff. This has happened because Carol has taken the time to get to know him and encourage him to talk calmly to staff and let them know he they can assist him. Carol lets DC know that he is in control of his life and he makes his own decisions.  His mom has commented that she has seen a change in her son since Carol has started. She feels he is happier and is able to communicate his needs without getting angry.

Cassandra DeNeui - nominated by Jessie Elmore

Cassie is an outstanding DSP that works with compassion and understanding. She puts the members needs first and seems to always come to work with the big picture in mind. I mentioned how one of our members LOVED fresh fruit when I brought it in and suggested we could use more fresh vegetables and fruits in our meal planning. I walked into Onyx on my next shift and Cassie was chopping fresh vegetables she had purchased to prepare for evening meal. Not only did Cassie take the time to shop for extra groceries, but she was ensuring a healthier meal for our members on another shift. I cannot express enough how much it means to me that she truly cares for our members health and wellness like she does.  She is very much appreciated and should be shown her outstanding work is not going unnoticed.

Michelle Hillman & Tara Ross - nominated by Devon Beerbower

There was a situation at the house on shift and both went above and beyond in getting the situation under control and has helped stay on top of it! Specifically, 3 of the 4 members had lice and Michelle and Tara treated all members, washed bedding, took one member to the doctor, removed and bagged items in contact--all without any direction for the supervisor. They helped resolve a situation quickly and calmly. 

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