Mainstream Living

Marcanne Lynch

What brought you to Mainstream? 
On the first day of my senior year in college, the teacher asked us to partner up with a neighbor for an ice breaker activity.  The student I partnered with worked at Mainstream and shared all the awesome things she got to do at work.  I told her it sounded exciting and she said - ‘please apply we are really short staffed’.  I applied that day and was hired on September 8, 1986!  

What is your favorite thing about work? 
My favorite thing about work is the people.                  

How do you spend time outside of work? 
I have five children ages 27, 26, 19, 5 and 4, and that’s pretty much how I spend my time outside of work! I also enjoy decorating and gardening.   

Favorite Color: rainbow
Favorite Food: dunking cookies
Favorite Music: mostly folk, anything acoustic with a side of southern rock and roll

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