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Mainstream Living believes that our communities are better when we invest in the people that need us the most. Together with our state and national partners, we work to advocate for individuals with disabilities and mental illness and the people and agencies that support them.  We hope that you'll join us in our efforts to ask that policy makers prioritize the needs of our our most vulnerable.  

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In the 2021 Iowa Legislative Session, the direct care workforce is our priority and we need your help! The state of Iowa is short thousands of direct care employees, and providers are struggling with shortages and high turnover rates.  Much of this is due to a history of low Medicaid reimbursement rates that result in low wages for our industry.  The impacts of this have only been further emphasized during the pandemic.  With most private sector industries increasing wages, it has become nearly impossible for community providers to compete in the market.

To close this gap, Mainstream Living and its industry partners in the Iowa Association for Community Providers (IACP) are requesting a 10% increase in rates with a 75% pass through for wage increases for direct care staff.  That translates to 33 million dollars of the State of Iowa’s 350 million dollar surplus.The 33 million in State dollars will leverage an additional 52 million dollars in “matching funds” from the federal government.  That money (approximately 85 million dollars), will stay in the local communities where the services are provided and benefit our state's economy.  

This additional investment will be a huge step in moving the needle.  


Contact Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds

Governor Reynolds
1007 East Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa  50319

Phone Number | 515-281-5211.

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Example Letters

Listed below are sample letters that you can customize and sent to the Governor's office and/or to your legislator(s).  They can be sent via email or regular mail.  These are simply examples. We encourage you to include your own stories and experiences and to personalize as much as possible.  Please contact if you need assistance.  

General Advocacy Letter

DSP Advocacy Letter

Parent/Guardian Advocacy Letter


Our Partners

Iowa Association of Care Providers (IACP) 

IACP represents over 130 community organizations and 30,000 employees. Those Iowa organizations support over 160,000 Iowans needing mental health and disability services. Members serve all 99 Iowa counties and annually contribute over $1.3 billion to Iowa’s economy. 

Click here to view IACP's current legislative priorities. 

American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR)

ANCOR promotes and supports a national network of private community providers of services to people with intellectual, developmental, and other significant disabilities. Together, with the support and engagement of community stakeholders they work to shape the public policy that impacts the disability community.  

Click here to view ANCOR's current congressional policy priorities. 





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