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June 2014 MOT

June 1, 2014

A staff person, Michelle, from our Baker site was able to get free tickets to an event at the Blank Park Zoo, called Dream Night. Dream Night at the zoo is an invitation only event sponsored by Child Serve, Blank Children's Hospital, and University of Iowa Hospitals.

All five of the individuals living at Baker were able to attend the event, received t-shirts, saw friends from Child Serve and had a great time with various exhibits and activities.

Sinea loved the dance and was spinning her wheelchair in circles and laughing. In fact, the DJ asked for her name and commented on her exceptional dancing to the crowd. She was loving it!

At the animal exhibits, Maddy enjoyed seeing the lions and making her own "roaring" sound. The lions were also roaring back and forth and interacting with the crowd. Staff said they have never seen the lions interact like that before.

Ben who has a more difficult time tolerating being in his wheelchair for extended periods of time was also enjoying the evening at the zoo; laughing and smiling.

Staff also had a great time and were very excited to share this adventure with the parents and their co-workers. It was a great topic of conversation over the weekend.

Mary Jo recently went fishing at the lake near her home in Urbandale. This is significant because in March she suffered a painful pelvic fracture. Mary Jo's home is not accessible (a two-story with no bath or shower on the main floor), so we needed to find a way to be able to support her when she came home from the hospital. The options were to have her go to a skilled nursing facility or to find a way to support her in another MSL home temporarily.

Luckily, we found a home in which she could live comfortably while her fracture healed. All of the staff from both her new and old home worked wonderfully together and ensured Mary Jo was comfortable and safe during this time. Within a few weeks, she was getting up on her own and using her walked to get around with very little help. A couple weeks later, it was time for her to come home.

After her physical therapy sessions, she is walking up and down the stairs in her home and back to enjoying all of her normal activities. She is especially excited that she will able to attend camp in just a couple of weeks! Way to go Mary Jo and kudos to all of your support staff!

Wendy is a young woman who started ACE a couple of months ago. She was sweet-talked into attending by her mom and case manager. Unfortunately, she really agreed to attend to appease them and has not shown much interest in this type of programming in the past. However, she recently asked to increase her hours/days at ACE because she enjoys it. Her mom also reported that this is the happiest she has been in awhile and is thrilled that she enjoys the program.

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