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February 2016 Moments of Truth

February 26, 2016

February 2016 Moments of Truth 

Britt S.

Britt is a member who began her journey with Mainstream in 1994, moving into a 3-bedroom HCBS home. She worked very hard and moved into her own apartment 10 years ago.

Britt struggles with weight issues, Seasonal Affective Disorder and low self-esteem. Britt has never really had a friend, other than women who were much older than her and who were friends with her mother. About 2 years ago she met her best friend, Mary Kate. Britt's world seemed to bloom after making a true friend.

A couple of months ago Mary Kate signed Britt up for the big Night to Shine Prom happening on 2/12. Britt told her Team Leader that she posted on Facebook "Help! Need a formal dress for an event".

She received lots of replies and a friend of her sisters started sending her dresses is the mail. She received 2 beautiful formal dresses along with the accessories. At Britt’s request, staff took pictures of her wearing both dresses and Britt conducted a poll on Facebook for her friends and family to vote on which dress she should wear to the formal event. 

Britt has also been continuing to work on accomplishing her dreams. Her long time goal has been to obtain her driver's license, and with the help of Missy and Erin, two staff members she is working on taking the necessary steps to work toward this dream.



The ACE Program has become very passionate and involved with the "Spread the Word to End the Word" Campaign.  They have asked many acquaintances 

and community members to sign the pledge to not use the R-word.  They have also created posters, fliers, and buttons in support of this movement.  On March 1st, they are going to set up a table at the State Capitol, and are planning to speak with legislators to increase awareness about this campaign.

Ben S, one of the ACE members, also wrote an editorial essay explaining the offensive nature of this word, how it effects individual’s feelings and alternative ways to approach people. His article was initially shared in the ACE newsletter, but will also be included in the March employee newsletter.


Sarah L

 Sarah L lives at one of our daily sites. She enjoys visiting her family’s vacation/retirement home in Arizona. She is able, with the assistance of airline personnel, to fly independently to join her family for a few days each year. She is there now enjoying the warm weather. Her father recently sent her Team Leaders some photos of them having fun in the sun.


Dan B 

 Dan B lives in Ames and has been an ISU Cyclone fan since the day he was born. His room is decorated with an Iowa State theme, he wears clothing to support the ISU teams and attends Iowa State football and basketball games religiously. This year one of this staff, Kinsey, had a contact with the Iowa State women’s basketball team and coaches. She arranged for Dan to meet some of the players, greet the cheerleaders and watch a practice. Later they sent him a poster that all team members had signed. Below are a couple of photos of him enjoying the afternoon with Iowa State.

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