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Supervised Living Apartments

The Supervised Living Apartments (SLA), located in Des Moines, serve adults who are diagnosed with a psychiatric disability. The emphasis of the program is recovery and self-direction while providing services that enhance long-term successful functioning in a community setting. Two apartment complexes offer both basic and enhanced support.


Our basic support program within SLA offers a standard set of services is available to every individual which can include:

  • Coordination, support and monitoring of medical and psychiatric needs
  • Health and wellness
  • Financial management
  • Payee services
  • Transportation coordination
  • Medication support
  • Problem-solving, crisis management and decision-making
  • Self-care and independent living skills
  • Socilazation and leisure


The enhanced version of the SLA program offers all support services listed above, but provides 24-hour staff supervision and support.

Family Orientation Manual - McUnion

Family Orientation Manual - S. Union

Member Orientation Manual - SLA Program

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